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Lightweight, fast, lean yet stylish

You’ve got an idea.
Now let’s get it online.

Blocksy Gutenberg WooCommerce

Features you are looking for.

You need a lightweight, fast and flexible website where you can easily add content with a well-designed UX.


By using Blocksy and Gutenberg in the WordPress ecosystem, I make sure that your website will load as few resources as possible.

Lightning Fast

Blocksy + Gutenberg is the perfect combination for achieving a super fast website. I settle for no less than a perfect score on Google PageSpeed.


Let’s build your website from scratch with minimum plugins and maximum custom codes, responsive UX should be at the center of your website.


Make sure every part of your website is fully analyzed and optimized for user flow. As a result, your sales will increase proportionally.

start to finish

Services you will be satisfied with.

Custom Templates

Fully customized archive and single post templates according to your needs.

Reduce Plugins

More plugins means conflicts, slowness on the front end and distractions in the admin panel. Let’s get rid of most of them.

Modify Anything

With a well-structured website, you can more easily manage and change every aspect of the site.


One task at a time.

Let’s create your task list so that everyone can easily follow the process.


Let’s start by creating the foundation for your current and future needs.

Custom Post Types

Custom Easy Layouts

Global Colors

Global Typography


Let’s find the balance between user experience and beauty in design.

Figma / XD to Blocksy

Start from Scratch

Mobile First Design

All for Best UX


If you need a multi-talented partner, you are in the right place, I can handle all your design, development, improvement work in the blink of an eye. Simply I am a man of duty, I do not tire if my work is not done according to my standards and wishes.

I can meet almost all your web and e-commerce needs. As soon as I start communicating your needs, I can begin to offer solutions that will best serve you work.

Time Zone

I can adjust my work schedule according to the best time zone that welcomes everyone.


After listening and having all the information, I can create a calendar that suits your needs.


Wisely structured and well-designed websites.

Blocksy is a blazing fast and lightweight WordPress theme built with the latest web technologies. It was built with the Gutenberg editor in mind and has a lot of options that makes it extendable and customizable.

Even Blocksy free is good for most of your needs, when you need more at some point, Blocksy Pro comes along and saves the day. With Blocksy Pro, you can easily get rid of 5-10 plugins on average.

Have a Project in Mind?

I am after fast, lean and ambitious projects.