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You need a lightweight, fast and flexible website where you can easily add content with a well-designed UX.


Using Blocksy and Gutenberg in the WordPress ecosystem ensures that your website loads quickly and efficiently, without excessive use of resources.

Lightning Fast

With Blocksy and Gutenberg, your website will achieve lightning-fast load times, earning a perfect score on Google PageSpeed and providing an optimal user experience.


From the ground up, your website will be built for maximum responsiveness and user experience, using minimal plugins and custom code to ensure the fastest, most intuitive design.


Every aspect of your website will be fully optimized for user flow and analyzed for maximum effectiveness, resulting in increased sales and customer engagement.

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Customized Templates

Fully customized archive and single post templates according to your needs.

Optimized Website

Fewer plugins mean faster load times, less headache, and a hassle-free experience.

Easy to Manage

With a well-structured website, you can more easily manage and change every aspect of the site.


One task at a time.

Let’s create a clear and concise task list to ensure everyone is on the same page throughout the process.

Structural Foundation

Let’s start with a future-proof foundation tailored to your needs.

Custom Post Types

Custom Easy Layouts

Global Colors

Global Typography

UX-Driven Design

Achieve the perfect balance between user experience and aesthetics.

Figma / XD to Blocksy

Start from Scratch

Mobile First Design

All for Best UX


Looking for a versatile partner to handle your web design, development, and improvement needs? You’ve found the right person. I’m a man of duty who won’t rest until your project meets my high standards.

With my expertise, I can tackle almost any web or WooCommerce challenge. As soon as we start discussing your needs, I’ll begin offering solutions that will exceed your expectations.

Time Zone

No matter where you are in the world, I can adapt my work schedule to suit your needs.


After carefully listening to your requirements, I’ll create a customized calendar that fits your timeline.

Let’s Talk.


Wisely structured and well-designed websites.

A fast and lightweight WordPress theme built for the modern web. Designed with the Gutenberg editor in mind, Blocksy offers plenty of options for customization and extension.

Need more features? Upgrade to Blocksy Pro and streamline your website with fewer plugins and better performance.

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