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Lightweight, fast, lean yet stylish

Easily manageable WordPress installations.

Features you are looking for.

You need a lightweight, fast and flexible website where you can easily add content with a well-designed UX.


By using Blocksy and Gutenberg in the WordPress ecosystem, I make sure that your website will load as few resources as possible.

Lightning Fast

Blocksy + Gutenberg is the perfect combination for achieving a super fast website. I settle for no less than a perfect score on Google PageSpeed.


Let’s build your website from scratch with minimum plugins and maximum custom codes, responsive UX should be at the center of your website.


Make sure every part of your website is fully analyzed and optimized for user flow. As a result, your sales will increase proportionally.

Services you will be satisfied with.


Best for those who want to switch to a light theme.

  • Blocksy theme installation and designing Header, Footer and Layouts
  • Easy integration with WooCommerce


Best for those who want to convert their old bloated site.

  • Landing or inner page design with Gutenberg and a Blocks plugin
  • Easy integration with Blocksy theme

Business Site

Best for companies to show their services, portfolios.

  • Landing, About Us, Services, Portfolio, References, Contact pages designs with Gutenberg and a Blocks plugin


Best for companies looking to sell their products online.

  • All pages in the Business Site
  • WooCommerce setup, Custom Codes and Products entry you need

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I am after fast, lean and ambitious projects.

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