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Design with Blocksy

Why Blocksy?
After using the content management system that I built and developed for 18 years, Blocksy was the only theme that could provide me with the freedom I am used to in the WordPress content management system, which I gave another chance with the start of the pandemic.
To make a site in WordPress you need two main tools; theme and page builder.
It is the backbone of the site. Header, Footer, archive pages, single pages and many more sections (approximately 80% of the site) are prepared by Blocksy.
Page builder;
It is mostly used for the content (text, image, video, etc.) parts of static pages (where you can show dynamic content). Every page builder has some missing features and there are 3rd party plugins to fix these shortcomings of page builders.
What are the advantages?
It allows me to make the website you want without depending on the templates. It guarantees high scores from Google web vitals on relatively simple sites without the need for an additional optimization plugin. It helps you take almost all control with the premium version.

What are the disadvantages?
I’ve never come across it, minor bugs are fixed as soon as you report them.

Since Blocksy is the main theme for me that can do everything beyond what a theme can do in the WordPress content management system, I will design your website with Blocksy.

Have a Project in Mind?

I am after fast, lean and ambitious projects.