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Design From Scratch

Let’s start by identifying your wishes and list all your requirements.
First of all, you need to answer these questions before we get started.

What kind of website do you need?
The purposes and scope of websites are evolving day by day. While you used to be able to solve your need with static 20-30 pages, nowadays non-dynamic pages can cause users to leave the site within seconds. If we collect site types under general headings;
• Ecommerce site (physical product, digital product, service, online course, appointment, reservation, travel site, etc.),
• Promotion site (Product promotion, finished projects, new real estate project, real estate promotion etc.),
• Corporate website,
• Personal blog etc.

What do you want to achieve with the website?
Although the answer to this question is to increase your business in general, social media platforms offer the necessary tools for small businesses to increase their business today. The answer to be given here would be reliability, institutionalism and branding.

Have you looked at your competitors’ sites?
What have your competitor sites done or what are their missing sides, what do you want to complete on your own site that you see lacking in them. What information do your potential customers need and what information do your competitors offer to attract customers?

Do your content and media files ready?
The only thing that matters as much as good design today is content, if you have a site that looks great but doesn’t have the information your potential customers might need, it won’t make your job any easier. Your potential customer will probably not choose you or will repeatedly request these informations by e-mail.
The right quality media files are equally important with the content, the shortest way to describe your product, service or business is quality and high resolution images.

If the answers to all your questions are ready, we can start now.

Have a Project in Mind?

I am after fast, lean and ambitious projects.