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Blocksy is the best and flexible theme for WordPress. The code quality is super duper and the options are endless. I can make any design and any website with just Blocksy and custom CSS. I guarantee this will make your website Lightning Fast.


As you know, almost all page builders add a ton of bloat to your website. This is causing slow loading and ranking back according to the new Google guidelines. I can redesign your existing wordpress sites with Gutenberg by sticking to your old design.


If you have a slow existing WordPress website, after a report on which parts and plugins need to be optimized, if the page can be used with the current state, I will make all the optimizations to speed up your page and get a good score from Google Pagespeed.

Web Design

One Page Site

If you are a startup or your portfolio is limited due to the long duration of your projects, you can easily view them on one page without tiring the user. You will never notice the negative effects of single page design on speed.

Business Site

Websites are the best and practical way to showcase your services, portfolios and products. An easy-to-use website that accurately represents your brand will definitely increase conversion and user retention. You are in the right place for websites outside of templates.


With e-commerce, you can sell your products globally. As well as the quality of your products, the quality of the showcase in which they are exhibited directly affects the decisions of the buyers. An easy-to-buy website will definitely increase cart-to-order conversion.



The logo is the first point of contact between your brand and the customer. A logo alone may not be sufficient for branding unless it is supported by printed materials such as business cards and catalogs. Remember that you can lose customers with a poorly designed logo or business card.


Although most of the products have moved to the internet to reach potential buyers but many sectors still prefer bilateral communication and want to seeing products. The correct presentation of such products to buyers is as important as the quality of the products.

Product Box

Box design is a unique business, when the buyer sees your product in the showcase, he determines his first idea about the quality by looking at the box, design and colors. The design approach I adopt is the use of simple, minimal and natural colors.

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I am after fast, lean and ambitious projects.

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